Rock and Roll



Different Music Genres

AmpThere are various types of music genres. Some of the popular ones from Africa include Afro Jazz, Afro-beat, and Apala. Afro-jazz refers to music that is heavily influenced by the African music. Some of its elements include swing, American Jazz, and marabi. The Apala music is derived from Yoruba people. This music was developed in the late 1930s.

Pop is an imprecise and ample category of the modern music that is not defined by artistic considerations. R&B is one of popular music genres that combine gospel, blues, and jazz. First, it was performed by the African American artists. more info

Rock is another music genre that is prominent with a vocal melody that is accompanied by guitar, bass, and drums. The majority of this music style use keyboards instruments such as piano, synthesizers. Rumba is a dance style and music rhythms that originated in Africa. It was later introduced to Cuba.